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Features to look for in a real estate ERP system before integration 
Even though traditional real estate professionals swear by old-school business methods like excel sheets and bulky paper files, the ERP market is changing. Here is how.
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How You Can Prevent Data Overload With ERP Software 

Data is extremely valuable for the real estate industry. Companies process huge amounts of data to finalize important decisions. In fact, 7 out of 10 businesses think data discovery is very important. But what happens when there is too much data? Your software experiences an information ov...

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How to Ensure a Smooth Real Estate ERP Software Go-Live 

Every company lays special emphasis on their ERP software go-live. The companies that are successful gain immense benefits from it. But, not all ERP go-lives happen smoothly.  


According to 360o Cloud Solutions, as much as 29% of ERP implementations are not successful. Ther...

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What Should You Look For in A Property Management CRM? 

Property management can be a constant cycle of managing existing tenants and finding new leads. Customer Relationship Management software can help property managers organize their leads. While they handle other management processes, CRM software can help with sales and customer data man...

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The Top Features You Can Expect Today From A Good Tenant Portal 

Tenant portals provide unique advantages, particularly in an age in which digital adoption has become a priority. The real estate sector has experienced substantial innovation: PropTech development, RPA, ERP and CRM software, and other techs are fantastic examples. 


Tenant portals ena...

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