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The Three Major Data Analysis Trends Coming In 2021 For Finances 

Big data keeps playing a significant role in countless industries, especially as the post-COVID world settles. Today, companies can’t overlook the advantages of in-depth data analysis methods and solutions. 


That’s particularly true in real estate and similar industries. Data analysis...

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Why Changing Your ERP Can Add Value To Your Business 

ERP implementation is a considerable investment. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong even if the project was successful. Changing your ERP—including modern solutions—can be a requirement if your current solution doesn’t suffice. 


ERP changes can be intimidating. It requires extensive p...

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Texas Retirement Systems $100m Commitment with Real Estate - What to Expect

COVID-19 has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and changed how we work.  


Thankfully, monetary stimuli like the Biden administration’s $1.9 Trillion stimulus plan has kept the U.S. economy relatively healthy. 


Real estate has...

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The Road To Recovery For Canadian REITs: A Look 

REITs are a mixed bag regarding how they perform during economic recessions. Mainly, REITs focused on short-term leases are among the worst victims. COVID-19 has proven that there's a lot of truth behind this "rule of thumb." 


However, have all REITs in Canada gone through the sa...

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How Can The Government COVID-19 Stimulus Affect Commercial Real Estate? 

Everyone knows that COVID-19 has shaken the real estate sector. Some markets experienced prominent growth, yet many others suffered remarkable losses. However, the virus itself has had a negligible effect when compared to state measures. 


The truth is that most of the benefits and losses s...

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