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How To Combat Late Payments Through Property Management Software? 

Collecting rent is one of the most problematic parts of being a property manager. More than 20% of renters in America are nearly 4 months behind on their rent payments. That is $5600 worth of rent per delinquent tenant.  


Traditional payment methods do little to solve this p...

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The Three Major Data Analysis Trends Coming In 2021 For Finances 

Big data keeps playing a significant role in countless industries, especially as the post-COVID world settles. Today, companies can’t overlook the advantages of in-depth data analysis methods and solutions. 


That’s particularly true in real estate and similar industries. Data analysis...

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RPA Automation With Assetsoft - What Can You Expect? 

Robotic process automation has taken the real estate sector like a storm. It has helped the industry evolve and embrace digital adoption more effectively. RPA can help you save money and resources in countless tasks. 


However, implementing it can be a challenge. You need to assess which pr...

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How Can The Government COVID-19 Stimulus Affect Commercial Real Estate? 

Everyone knows that COVID-19 has shaken the real estate sector. Some markets experienced prominent growth, yet many others suffered remarkable losses. However, the virus itself has had a negligible effect when compared to state measures. 


The truth is that most of the benefits and losses s...

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Cant Afford Your Rent? Here Are A Few Things You Can Do About It 

COVID-19 has been a disaster for many. Countless people lost their job, and everyday expenses became an uphill battle. Rent was one of those, and bans on evictions were necessary to keep people from homelessness. 


Today, we can say everything has improved noticeably. Lockdowns have eased, ...

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