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Data Analytics in Real Estate

Data is one of the most important assets for any company. You could have the best resources, software, and properties. If you forego data analysis, you’re still leaving your company’s success depending on pure luck. 


You can follow your instinct for many of your decisions. That said, any m...

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How Big Retailers Like Walmart Are Pushing For New Technology For Automation 

Walmart has made the news several times already for its technological innovations. Even in 2017, Forbes was already reporting how the retail chain was moving toward high-tech. Four years later, it seems like this quality has remained faithful. 


More than that, Walmart might be a...

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The Top Industrial Demand Drivers We Need To Look Out For A Post-Pandemic Recovery 

As COVID-19 develops, the real estate sector hasn’t stopped surprising investors. Known developments include residential markets booming, commercial properties shifting their focus, and more. 


As the vaccine starts to become more readily available, multiple experts have started to analyze ...

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Getting Creative with Rent Collection using technology and innovative thinking to support Canada's landlords

These are stressful times for landlords. While the job may call for collecting rent, a tough economy and pandemic measures have made it harder for most to make good on this responsibility.

For many, pursuing eviction is an unwelcome option. Landlords already have a lot to worry about, from lease audi...

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