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Top Things That a Tenant Management Software Can Do 
Lease audits can help maximize ROI from real estate investments without imposing unfair charges on the tenants
13.02.22 05:16 PM - Comment(s)
Lease Abstraction Software for Property Management Companies 

If you are still analyzing your contracts without lease abstraction software, you are giving yourself unnecessary work. Before formulating the lease abstract, this software considers key factors like tenant agreements, lease details, and sales portfolio. As a result, you get a highly accurate r...

08.01.22 11:48 PM - Comment(s)
Getting Creative with Rent Collection using technology and innovative thinking to support Canada's landlords

These are stressful times for landlords. While the job may call for collecting rent, a tough economy and pandemic measures have made it harder for most to make good on this responsibility.

For many, pursuing eviction is an unwelcome option. Landlords already have a lot to worry about, from lease audi...

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