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The Complete Guide to Property Inspections 

Property Hunting is undoubtedly a difficult task when there are so many options to choose from. But no matter how much time passes by, they’ll always be expensive. And to make a decision where you’ll be spending a lot of your money, some expert advice is needed. 


Property inspections play ...

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How To Combat Late Payments Through Property Management Software? 

Collecting rent is one of the most problematic parts of being a property manager. More than 20% of renters in America are nearly 4 months behind on their rent payments. That is $5600 worth of rent per delinquent tenant.  


Traditional payment methods do little to solve this p...

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Why Is Maintenance Important For Your Properties? 

Everybody likes a well-maintained property. For property managers, that leads to tenant satisfaction and tenant retention. A survey by Avail states the same - 12% of tenants planned to vacate rather than renewing their term if the property was not well-maintained. ...

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Busting Common Tenant Screening Myths 

Renting out properties can be a tough job. From having to interview tenants, provide maintenance, manage accounts, and solve tenant problems, the list goes on. Whether it is noise complaints, damaging items, or constantly being notified about minor problems, these tenants ca...

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The Top Lease Agreement Terms You Need To Include  

As a property manager, making lease agreements can be a complex task. It includes many clauses and terms that can make you wonder--why signing a lease agreement is necessary.  


Lease agreements are legal documents that offer protection to both the tenant and property manager. Even if ...

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