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The Complete Guide To Connecting Investors To Real Estate Opportunities 

Investors are among the best friends any real estate agent and company can make. They often provide most of the financial backing for any firm, and they can be a crucial ally for any business planning to expand its operations. 


However, finding them is a challenge for many—particularly sma...

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Can You Use Big Data To Predict Real Estate Prices After The Pandemic? 

Big data is one of the most important trends around the globe today, and real estate isn’t the exception. One of the main benefits of this concept is its benefits for forecasting. 


But can it predict where prices will be going for real estate after the COVID-19 crisis? That's what we'll fi...

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How Can A $15 Minimum Wage In The US Change Commercial Real Estate? 

You don't need introductions to the $15 minimum wage proposal by President Biden. The subject has been a hot topic for debate among experts, both defending and attacking it. 


Supporters claim it’ll help fight poverty and create better living standards for everyone. Others say it’ll make co...

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The Top 7 Technology Trends Commercial Real Estate Industry Needs to Use 
From augmented reality to 5G connectivity, the commercial real estate industry is looking to innovate and stay ahead. Learn more about the top tech trends that is going to stay in the news this year.
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What Does 2021 Have in Store for Real Estate Markets Around the World?
Will the lower interest rates continue? How will the retail and logistics industry shape up this year? From Canada and U.S. to U.K. and Australia, we take a look at major real estate markets around the world, and how their real estate market will respond this year.
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