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How To Improve Tenant Satisfaction Through Property Management Software? 

 According to a global tenant survey, tenants rated building management the highest among technology services and physical amenities for better tenant satisfaction. Tenants look for better management above accessible amenities and convenient leasing experiences. If you are falling behind, you need t...

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Why Is Maintenance Important For Your Properties? 

Everybody likes a well-maintained property. For property managers, that leads to tenant satisfaction and tenant retention. A survey by Avail states the same - 12% of tenants planned to vacate rather than renewing their term if the property was not well-maintained. ...

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Top Property Listing Tips to Fill in Vacancies Faster 

Want to create listings that attract more tenants? In today’s tech-savvy world, more than 50% of buyers look for homes on the internet. As a property manager, online listings are your primary way of acquainting prospects with the property. Well-created property listings improve user experi...

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The Top Lease Agreement Terms You Need To Include  

As a property manager, making lease agreements can be a complex task. It includes many clauses and terms that can make you wonder--why signing a lease agreement is necessary.  


Lease agreements are legal documents that offer protection to both the tenant and property manager. Even if ...

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Artificial Intelligence, Apartment Leasing, and The Top Trends 

The property management industry has been slow to adapt to new technology. But with remote working being a necessity, the industry underwent some notable changes. Artificial intelligence changed the way the industry functioned. It has revolutionized property management by automating data analysis, a...

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