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As a real estate business, you know the importance of controlling your expenses to maximize profitability. One major expense that can significantly impact your bottom line is property taxes as research shows that approximately 60% of properties in the United States are over-assessed.. through a prop...

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Importance of Property Tax Appeal for Residential Properties 

Property taxes are an essential source of income for governments and are based on the assessed value of a real estate property. However, the assessed value of a property does not always reflect the estate’s real value leading to businesses overpaying in taxes and having false information on the prop...

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When are California property taxes assessed? 

California property taxes are assessed annually, typically in late October or early November. The tax bill for the following fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30, is mailed out to property owners in October. Property taxes are due in two instalments, the first of which is due on November 1...

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Property tax reassessment for British Columbia  

According to market reports by Investopedia, tax appeals and assessments are the best methods to get the best tax benefits and rebates on your property taxes. Many real estate professionals have a popular belief that property tax reassessment only works for residential properties and high-value home...

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Is the tax assessment the value of the property? 
Are you confused if the value of your property is the same as your tax assessment? How can you get the correct information? Read this piece to know more on this subject.
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