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A Guide to Multifamily Property Tax Appeal

The multifamily housing business is rising in the U.S., Canada, and other prominent areas. According to a report in 2021, it was around 42% of the total U.S. market. 


Most Americans and Canadians now prefer to live in multifamily apartments as they are more affordable. 


With job ...

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6 Reasons to File a Property Tax Appeal

Property taxes are the taxes imposed on real estate properties, whether commercial or residential. These taxes serve as a massive source of revenues for the local governments that they later utilize in public services, including health, education, infrastructure, or safety. 


However, most ...

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7 Reasons Why Your Commercial Tax May be Higher and Why a Commercial Tax Appeal Can Help? 

One of the most critical components of the real estate business is the property tax assessments for residential and commercial properties. 


But, most of the time, real estate owners feel burdened with high commercial tax bills. The reasons are many. Therefore, it is necessary to review you...

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