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Explore the Features and Benefits of Yardi CAM Reconciliation

If you are in the real estate property management business, you must know that preparing a CAM reconciliation at the end of the year is necessary. However, it’s also a highly complex thing to do for many landlords. 


As the estimated standard maintenance charges set initially, most of the t...

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How Can Real Estate Businesses Benefit from Procore Integrations?

Modern businesses use a range of apps on a daily basis. The same is true for the real estate industry. 

However, disparate apps spread across different environments serve only standalone purposes. However, the potential is in creating a connected ecosystem of apps for seamless data exchange and ...

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Why Canada Is a Prime Market for Real Estate Investment

Blackstone Real Estate Group has stepped into the real estate market in Canada. Its first office in Toronto is now operating with ten full-time employees. The company is looking forward to investing in various sectors, including residential and rental properties. 

Canada offers lucrative opportu...

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YASC Sydney 2023: What are the Core Market Drivers of Real Estate?

YASC Sydney is a prime gathering to learn about the construction and real estate industry. Participants can gather deep insights and unique knowledge to grow their business and success. 

This year, the conference offered valuable knowledge regarding the market drivers of real estate. According t...

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Yardi Reveals the The Building of the Future at YASC Sydney

Prices of properties are soaring in most countries, especially in cities. In Japan, people live in Goshiwons to save on rent and stay within city limits. 

They are even smaller than the micro-apartments, with roughly a size of 50 square meters. A cabin in Goshiwon can cost anything from $100 to ...

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