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Businesses are struggling to pay rent - how property managers can improve rent collection 

The COVID-19 pandemic might have mellowed its effects, but the impact is far from gone. According to reports by USA Today, they pointed out that many small businesses in America are still struggling to pay overdue rent. Why so? Firstly, the rising inflation rates are hitting the market and paying re...

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How Many Rental Properties Does a Landlord have to Own Before Hiring a Property Manager? 
How many properties should a landlord own before they have their own real estate property management software? Find out here!
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Are You Ready For Generation Z Renters? 

For the past few years, the global real estate industry focused on marketing to one target audience: millennials. But as technology develops, we have an entire generation having a different set of requirements. Gen Z renters are digital natives who haven’t lived without the internet. As the oldest o...

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The True Cost Of Eviction And How To Avoid It 

The most important aspect of maintaining a successful property rental business is having top-quality tenants who abide by the rules and pay rent on time. 


Bad tenants lead to a loss of income in the future in terms of back rent. To protect your property and income from problematic ten...

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Why Is Maintenance Important For Your Properties? 

Everybody likes a well-maintained property. For property managers, that leads to tenant satisfaction and tenant retention. A survey by Avail states the same - 12% of tenants planned to vacate rather than renewing their term if the property was not well-maintained. ...

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