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Are You Ready For Generation Z Renters? 

For the past few years, the global real estate industry focused on marketing to one target audience: millennials. But as technology develops, we have an entire generation having a different set of requirements. Gen Z renters are digital natives who haven’t lived without the internet. As the oldest o...

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Top 10 Tenant Screening Tips 

Tenant screening is one of the first and the most important steps while renting your property. If you’re managing a property business, tenant screening can be a tedious task, and if done wrong, it can lead to troubling consequences. Getting that ideal tenant is not always possible. Ev...

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Top 10 Things To Avoid When Renting Your Properties 

Being a property manager comes with multiple responsibilities. And if you are new to property management, mistakes can cost you money. Whether you want to avoid making those or just upgrade your knowledge, this guide will help you.  


Here are the ten things you should avoid when renti...

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