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Challenges in real estate asset management that can hamper your growth 

The real estate business is not only about the properties; the assets that make up the structure of your properties and make them rent-worthy are equally vital for the business to run seamlessly. Maintaining, updating, and constantly keeping track of them is a part of any property manager’s job. But...

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How did Real Estate Management Companies Use a Tenant Management Software to Their Advantage during COVID-19 
From commercial to residential, every kind of real estate saw major changes these last two years. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reports, there was an average 33% decline in US home sales in 2020 itself.
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Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Real Estate - How Businesses can Help 
The real estate industry had to adopt better strategy and leadership to reduce its carbon footprint as soon as possible to make the industry more sustainable. This will help their business be more sustainable in the long run and positively help the environment.
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What are the everyday challenges of real estate digitalization?  
Are you a real estate property manager or owner who is struggling to keep up with the digitalization of the real estate industry and do not know how to steer through the problem?
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Energy Efficiency in Buildings can Help Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Real Estate 
Are you a real estate owner or property manager wondering about the energy efficiency of your buildings and how you can help? Read our blog to find out the latest trends, driving factors, and what steps you can take to make your buildings more energy efficient.
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