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How Retail Real Estate is Recovering from the Pandemic 
Know the pre and post-pandemic changes in the retail industry and how it in turn reshaped and changed the real estate business during the pandemic.
03.08.22 08:32 AM - Comment(s)
How Big Retailers Like Walmart Are Pushing For New Technology For Automation 

Walmart has made the news several times already for its technological innovations. Even in 2017, Forbes was already reporting how the retail chain was moving toward high-tech. Four years later, it seems like this quality has remained faithful. 


More than that, Walmart might be a...

24.03.21 11:55 AM - Comment(s)
The Road To Recovery For Canadian REITs: A Look 

REITs are a mixed bag regarding how they perform during economic recessions. Mainly, REITs focused on short-term leases are among the worst victims. COVID-19 has proven that there's a lot of truth behind this "rule of thumb." 


However, have all REITs in Canada gone through the sa...

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