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Can a real estate agent manage a rental property? 
There are multiple different benefits to hiring a real estate agent as a property manager and some drawbacks as well. In this article, we will try to find out what they are. This will help you as a real estate business to take a call on whether this is a suitable option for your business.
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How Many Rental Properties Does a Landlord have to Own Before Hiring a Property Manager? 
How many properties should a landlord own before they have their own real estate property management software? Find out here!
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Contactless Rentals: The Future of Property Management 

Technology has become inevitable to keep up with the pandemic norms for the real estate industry. However, contactless technology serves more purpose than just minimizing physical contact. Property managers discovered that contactless technology was more convenient as opposed to traditional property...

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10 Benefits of Using Tenant Portals

Keeping your tenant happy is an unending task, but it's the most important step in your real estate business to succeed. While there are many ways to achieve tenant satisfaction, implementing a tenant portal is something you don’t want to miss out on.  

Automating and digitizing some o...

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The True Cost Of Eviction And How To Avoid It 

The most important aspect of maintaining a successful property rental business is having top-quality tenants who abide by the rules and pay rent on time. 


Bad tenants lead to a loss of income in the future in terms of back rent. To protect your property and income from problematic ten...

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