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5 Robots You Can Use In Property Management Right Now 
Robots in property management isn't just restricted to Robotic Process Automation or RPA. Here are the two 5 robots that you can see in the business.
13.11.21 12:06 PM - Comment(s)
Virginias March Legislation Changes: What It Means and How To Adapt

Since COVID-19 began, tracking legislation updates has been a hardship for everyone. Depending on your location, you might feel like laws change every other day. For some, that's unfortunately true. 


The recent legislation changes in Virginia, beginning on the 1st of March, is...

08.03.21 09:19 AM - Comment(s)
How Can A $15 Minimum Wage In The US Change Commercial Real Estate? 

You don't need introductions to the $15 minimum wage proposal by President Biden. The subject has been a hot topic for debate among experts, both defending and attacking it. 


Supporters claim it’ll help fight poverty and create better living standards for everyone. Others say it’ll make co...

26.02.21 08:48 AM - Comment(s)