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Workspace is Changing Post-pandemic - Real Estate must Adapt to the new trends 

If you are a commercial real estate owner or manager, you must familiarize yourself with the rising trends in workspaces. Office spaces leasing businesses were one of the worst hit during the pandemic when the world started working from home. But every industry shifted and adapted in its own ways in...

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The Top Lessons to Learn from Working Remotely 

Remote work is the new normal. 

Though remote work is not new, businesses that required field visits found it challenging to go remote. But with digitization, they have found a way to stay connected with customers and in line with industry trends. 

But it was the comfort and convenience for ...

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How We See The Office Industry Shaping Up 

It’s an understatement to say that COVID caught everyone off guard. Households, businesses, enterprises, and even governments failed almost equally at estimating the best practices during the onset. 


Thankfully, it feels like the worst period might have finished now. Now, we just need to g...

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Why Office Sublet Spaces May Turn Out To Be More Of A Competitive Threat Than Thought Before 

It's not a secret: office space was among the most prominent victims from COVID-19. Work from home, social distancing, lockdowns, and almost every healthcare measure damaged the sector. Most experts agree that it'll take years to return to "normal"—if we ever do. 


However, one su...

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