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How Technology in Property Management is Helping Beat the Pandemic Blues 
Real estate business owners and property managers are now using software and the latest technology to manage their properties and beat the pandemic blues.  Here is the report.
08.06.22 08:25 PM - Comment(s)
How Can Remote work Change the Future of the Real Estate Industry
Remote work is changing how people work - including the real estate industry. How will it be going forward? Here is a look at the top trends post pandemic.
13.03.22 06:40 AM - Comment(s)
Top Things That a Tenant Management Software Can Do 
Lease audits can help maximize ROI from real estate investments without imposing unfair charges on the tenants
13.02.22 05:16 PM - Comment(s)
A Simple Guide to Tenant Onboarding 
Tenant onboarding is one of the most crucial roles in property management. From the review to lease signing, here are the steps you should know.
08.02.22 01:26 PM - Comment(s)
Deadline Approaching: Have you filed Form 1099?
31 Jan Approaching: Have you filed Form 1099? Know how Assetsoft can help making filing your 1099 forms a whole lot easier. Talk to us today - don't miss out on your deadline!
24.01.22 10:17 PM - Comment(s)