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Features of Zoho CRM That Property Managers Should Know 

Installing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a sure shot at improving your business relationships. 

Why Do You Need a CRM Software? 

Client satisfaction is what drives a company forward. But as a property manager, you also know that customer relationship management uses a su...

08.02.22 10:41 PM - Comment(s)
How You Can Prevent Data Overload With ERP Software 

Data is extremely valuable for the real estate industry. Companies process huge amounts of data to finalize important decisions. In fact, 7 out of 10 businesses think data discovery is very important. But what happens when there is too much data? Your software experiences an information ov...

06.08.21 08:00 AM - Comment(s)
The Top 8 Reasons to Use Chatbot Technology for Property Management 

Chatbots are not new to the internet. 67% of consumers worldwide had an interaction with chatbots last year. Whether improving customer experience or collecting information, chatbots have made their way into every industry. In real estate, they are used to interact with prospects and conve...

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Texas Retirement Systems $100m Commitment with Real Estate - What to Expect

COVID-19 has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and changed how we work.  


Thankfully, monetary stimuli like the Biden administration’s $1.9 Trillion stimulus plan has kept the U.S. economy relatively healthy. 


Real estate has...

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