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How can Commercial Real Estate leverage RPA for business growth? 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is truly reinventing the way people run their businesses, and real estate is not very far behind in catching up with this trend. Commercial Real Estate especially can benefit a lot from RPA applications and bots integrated into their office systems. Why? The massive ...

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Workspace is Changing Post-pandemic - Real Estate must Adapt to the new trends 

If you are a commercial real estate owner or manager, you must familiarize yourself with the rising trends in workspaces. Office spaces leasing businesses were one of the worst hit during the pandemic when the world started working from home. But every industry shifted and adapted in its own ways in...

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Best Practices to Manage Multi-location CRE Portfolio 


When real estate companies see higher demand in a particular area, expansions and new real estate development is bound to happen. For Commercial Real Estate (CRE) this change happens even faster than for residential real estate. Most CRE companies already have multi-location faciliti...

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8 Best Industry Tips to Beat the Competition in CRE 
You get expert help in project management, strategy, and leadership planning to beat your competition. Other than that, there are some quick tips and solutions to give your business a competitive edge over the others. Read this article to know more about them.
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8 CRE Trends that Will Drive the Real Estate Market in 2023 
Commercial Real Estate (CRE) was and always has been a dependable form of investment and business. What will the market look like next year?
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