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Common Tenant Complaints and How to Resolve Them 

Managing properties is not an easy job. With constant complaints, maintenance problems, and difficult tenants to deal with, your job can become extremely tedious. When tenants reach out to you, however, you are legally obligated to resolve the complaint in an equitable manner for all parti...

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Your Guide to Property Management Using IoT 

Technology is revolutionizing traditional building management systems. While BMS has a handful of thermostats, air conditioning systems, and ventilation, IoT aims to make the system smarter and more efficient.  


The Internet of Things or IoT is already influencing many parts of our li...

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Why Changing Your ERP Can Add Value To Your Business 

ERP implementation is a considerable investment. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong even if the project was successful. Changing your ERP—including modern solutions—can be a requirement if your current solution doesn’t suffice. 


ERP changes can be intimidating. It requires extensive p...

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