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Investment Management And Accounting For Real Estate Businesses: All The Benefits 

Real estate technology advances at its fastest since the COVID pandemic began. Rapid adoption has been the main goal for most companies. Today, we'll go through what investment management software can do for property managers. 


If you’re interested in leveraging all these benefits, we...

01.06.21 12:00 PM - Comment(s)
The Top Industrial Demand Drivers We Need To Look Out For A Post-Pandemic Recovery 

As COVID-19 develops, the real estate sector hasn’t stopped surprising investors. Known developments include residential markets booming, commercial properties shifting their focus, and more. 


As the vaccine starts to become more readily available, multiple experts have started to analyze ...

15.03.21 02:38 PM - Comment(s)
How Can The Government COVID-19 Stimulus Affect Commercial Real Estate? 

Everyone knows that COVID-19 has shaken the real estate sector. Some markets experienced prominent growth, yet many others suffered remarkable losses. However, the virus itself has had a negligible effect when compared to state measures. 


The truth is that most of the benefits and losses s...

05.03.21 09:00 AM - Comment(s)
Reddit Rally & REITs: Why the Gains May Only be Short-Lived
The Reddit Rally that saw stocks like GameStop soaring also effected REIT stocks. However, are the gains only going to be short lived? Or, do we see something else in the longer run? Can amateur investors on Reddit affect how traders do business?
08.02.21 09:28 AM - Comment(s)