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Homebuyers are canceling deals due to the rising inflation. How can you handle this? 

Redfin real estate market research and survey reports have found that more than 60,000 house deals fell through during August 2022. This means that 14.9% of homes went under contract. In the previous months of May and April, the rates were 12.7% and 11.2%, respectively.  


There is a s...

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Distressed Property Sales and the Volatile Real Estate Market 
Though distressed properties are cheaper, they have some downsides too. Read this blog to find out. Before you plan your strategy and leadership and decide which way to go.
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8 Ways Real Estate Business Owners can Increase Traffic to their Home Listings 
Real estate business owners have a lot of juggling to do, from enhancing property listings to house showings and making sales; they have a lot on their plates.
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Technology Selection in Project Management - Do's and Donts 
Real estate project management is quite a hectic task, but technological advancement has eased the process for real estate professionals. But the right technology selection is crucial to make proper use of such software and not make it a redundant money-draining purchase.
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How Automating Construction Project Management can Revamp your Business Plans 

Getting technical support in conducting construction project management is on the rise. You can customize a construction project management software according to your construction type. Estimating the scope of work, construction schedules, following guidelines, and maintaining cost and quality can b...

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