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When are California property taxes assessed? 

California property taxes are assessed annually, typically in late October or early November. The tax bill for the following fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30, is mailed out to property owners in October. Property taxes are due in two instalments, the first of which is due on November 1...

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Does your real estate business really need a property manager? 

If you are a real estate business owner or landlord, then you must have thought if your business really needs a property manager. When you are just starting a new real estate business, you may cut costs and save up by acting as your own property manager. But property management is an expert task tha...

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8 Best Industry Tips to Beat the Competition in CRE 
You get expert help in project management, strategy, and leadership planning to beat your competition. Other than that, there are some quick tips and solutions to give your business a competitive edge over the others. Read this article to know more about them.
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The Rise in Demand for Housing and the Growth of Multi-family Homes 
Making more homes for a larger community in the same landscape can majorly mitigate the housing crunch. And that's where multi-family homes come in.
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What are the Everyday Challenges of Real Estate Digitalization?  
Are you a real estate property manager or owner who is struggling to keep up with the digitalization of the real estate industry and do not know how to steer through the problem? Know how Assetsoft can help.
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