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How much do Airbnb property managers make in the USA?  
Investing in the rightly qualified property manager for an AirBnb is like investing in the future of the business.
18.07.23 08:21 PM - Comment(s)
Why Property Tax Appeals are Important for Businesses and Communities 
So, why are Property Tax Appeals Important for Businesses and Communities? Let's find out.
02.04.23 10:45 PM - Comment(s)
How to Gather Evidence for Your Property Tax Appeal 

If you feel that your property tax assessment is too high, you have the right to appeal it. And remember, you are not alone, more than 60% of properties in the USA are said to be over-assessed for tax purposes alone. However, to win your appeal, you will need to provide strong evidence to support yo...

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How to Manage Multiple Rental Properties 

Property-based investments are some of the most popular forms of investments, contributing almost $9 billion annually. Once the real estate is taken off the market, it is usually let out to generate passive income. However, the property owner typically does not have the skills or the contacts to ove...

10.03.23 12:41 AM - Comment(s)
How Many Properties Can a Property Manager Manage? 

Property managers fulfill a demanding role in the real estate world. From dealing with irritable owners to finicky tenants, their day-to-day routine is rather challenging. And that's why they don't shy away from flexing their brain muscles. But how many properties can you manage as a prope...

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