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What is the Best Practice When Approaching an Automation Effort for a Development Company? 
Adapt to market changes, and harness the power of automation for enhanced efficiency and productivity with the Assetsoft team.
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The Secrets of Automation Success: Insights for Construction and Real Estate Businesses

Automation has emerged as a key ingredient to streamline processes, boost productivity, and reduce costs. However, just using an automation platform may not drive expected returns. 

The equation of optimized automation includes the right blend of platforms, tools, and strategies. 

UiPath bri...

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How to Deliver Positive Customer Experiences with UiPath AI and Automation

A discussion at Forward VI hosted by UiPath is on delivering positive customer experiences using AI (artificial intelligence) and automation. 

It will focus on a company that manufactures backup generators in the US. 

However, how can real estate businesses do the same using UiPath?

Here are ...

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UiPath Document Understanding with Prompt Builder: A New Era of Document Management 

UiPath is a leading automation hub with advanced features. One key element of the suite is AI-powered document understanding. 

It is the coming together of artificial intelligence (AI) and document processing. The software can extract and interpret data from documents for various applications.


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Maximizing Your Investment in Procore: How Our Certified Partner Services Can Help 
In this article, we will explore how partnering with Assetsoft can help you maximize your investment in Procore.
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