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Groundbreak 2023 will host a plethora of exciting events for participants. Assetsoft will be around to learn and share our knowledge with industry stakeholders.
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Is SFR Construction Outpacing Multifamily? 

2020 saw an increase in the construction of single-family homes as compared to apartment units, according to Robert Dietz, the chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders.

So, will SFR construction will outpace multifamily with time? Also, apart from SFR, the BFR (Build-for-Rent) sec...

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Procore Raises $634.9 million in IPO 

Construction tech is one of the hotspots for investors in real estate. In 2018, construction technology saw a massive boost, with venture capitalists investing nearly $3.1 billion in contech startups.  


Contech had a difficult year in 2020 with the pandemic restricting fundi...

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Project Management in Real Estate 

Project management is a key skill for all companies. It’s easy to see why: projects lead to growth, and management leads to completion. However, we’ve worked with several clients who had several misconceptions about project management. 


This skill isn’t solely to stay on top of projects an...

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How To Find And Implement The Right Tech For Property Management 

PropTech has brought some of the most significant developments in the real estate sector. Today, property managers have access to systems and solutions. These streamline virtually every responsibility, from expense management to invoices. 


However, finding the right software to i...

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