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The Ultimate Guide To Mobile-Friendly Property Management 

It is no secret that people spend most of their time glued to their smartphones. In the real estate industry itself, 44% of residents won’t rent an apartment without a reliable cell phone connection. In today’s age of convenience and mobility, tenants need more than just traditional proper...

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What Should You Look For in A Property Management CRM? 

Property management can be a constant cycle of managing existing tenants and finding new leads. Customer Relationship Management software can help property managers organize their leads. While they handle other management processes, CRM software can help with sales and customer data man...

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Contact Tracing & Opening Buildings

By now, we’ve gotten used to working remotely, avoiding crowds, and using face masks and hand sanitizer. 


It might be a while before these habits start going away, but many of these changes might be here to stay. Remote work, for one, has shown companies and employees alike that it ca...

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Your Guide To The Top Business Tasks You Can Automate 

Technology adoption is vital for any business today. Streamlining your business with digital solutions lets you save money and resources. In a post-COVID world, these advantages are lifesavers. 


Process automation is the ultimate method for streamlining your operations. Today, you’re going...

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