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Travel Industry Recovery in 2023: The opportunity for real estate 
More than 85% of American companies are now restarting their investments in business travel. How will things change next year?
21.07.22 08:23 AM - Comment(s)
Steps to better your Strategy & Leadership plans in Commercial Real Estate 
How are companies rethinking their management plans in the commercial real estate niche? Here is what's happening post pandemic.
05.04.22 10:48 PM - Comment(s)
How To Increase Real Estate Lead Conversions? 

Only5% of companies that achieve revenue goals generate more than 2500 leads per month, and if you’re struggling to increase lead conversions, you may have to change your strategies.  

If you haven’t been getting more leads in a month, implement certain strategies and keep a close track of...

31.08.21 01:42 PM - Comment(s)
Simplifying Tenant Screening Process With Assetsoft 

Tenant screening is an essential process for property managers. For those managing multiple properties, screening can be time-consuming and tedious. Individually verifying each application and conducting background checks isn’t the most efficient approach either.  


You can simplify yo...

21.06.21 08:00 AM - Comment(s)