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6 Reasons Why Big Data Is Valuable For Property Management 
Implementing big data in your real estate property management business can drive stellar results. Here are 6 reasons why you might want to invest in big data.
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How To Increase Real Estate Lead Conversions? 

Only5% of companies that achieve revenue goals generate more than 2500 leads per month, and if you’re struggling to increase lead conversions, you may have to change your strategies.  

If you haven’t been getting more leads in a month, implement certain strategies and keep a close track of...

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How Is The Growth Of Real Estate Similar To Inflation? How Do You Calculate It?

Investment assets can be intimidating, especially with long-term commitments. Inflation can be difficult to assess, and it can reduce a promising option to financial losses. If the inflation rate outgrows your assets’ value, your net worth takes a hit. 


Commercial real estate has alwa...

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Investment Management - How Do You Decide Who Gets What Much Money From Investing In Real Estate? 

Working with joint investments can be complicated. It would help if you managed expenses and capital ratios, and that's already complex. However, it can also be somewhat uncomfortable. Splitting dividends from returns can be a social challenge. 


Investors need to care for their money. Many...

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